Since its establishment in the year of 2000, Ghost Audio Co. Ltd. has been specializing in the research and production of car audio accessories, focusing on the creation of ultimate experience brought by car audio and video equipment.

Ghost Audio produces noise filter, capacitor, wire harness, antenna adapter, power cable, speaker cable, RCA cable, radio install frame and various connectors, which are mainly exported to European and American markets. At present, the company has a factory of 10,000 m2 with floor area of approximately 20,000 m2.

Ghost Audio has such advanced facilities as 500 high speed twist bunching machine, 700 tubular stranding machine, automatic active tension release frame, automatic high speed wire stripping machine. Besides, it annually invests half a million RMB yuan (about 80,000 U.S. dollars) into the maintenance and updating of these devices so as to ensure their healthy and efficient operation.